[Quick Tip] How to get more views on my Twitch/YouTube videos ?

Before creating video on certain topic or category, ask yourself a question like what kind of stuffs fascinates you doing on daily basis, the stuff or work that you find interesting and enjoyable in everyday life and what you can create ideas around those things ?. After that, create a basic script flow on that topic or stuff in your head. Then start making videos. Do not focus on views initially, just create videos, share with your family circle, friends circle. Keep on making videos. Later views will start to come slowly.

Find community where discussion on certain topics goes on. Like, Reddit. To get recognized in reddit, you must build positive karma, stay active in comment section.

We have our own platform which helps in engaging users to comment on your video project, blog posts, facebook pages. They watch it, and provide their thoughts and feedback on contents of other users too. Earn points for doing that and get featured your content in site.

You can see FAQs for all details on about earning points.

Author: katsu
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