How to earn points ?

– You can earn points by submitting products, creating blog contents, discussing on others contents via comment and seeing video contents. Right now major contents are products & blogs.

I want my content to be featured in this site. Is it possible ?

– Yes, it is possible. Any of our site members contents will be featured in site (in different sections). Condition is, you must reach certain point level for that. Or, you can convert point to cash and get money.

What is the point level, after which my content gets featured in site ?

– For now, point level is 10,000.

For how longer it gets featured ?

– For now, 5 days.

What extra activities earns points ?

– For now, you can earn point by submitting products, writing blog posts, watching recent contents like blogs and videos, your comment on that blog and video post of our site, your activity in our activity stream, your daily login. Later we will increase stuffs that lets you earn more points.

Do we need to pay for this ?

– No you do not need to pay. Just collect points, and get your content featured in homepage.

Where to find contents to view ?

– See in right sidebar for recent contents.

Our contents can be added to Recent Content or not ?

– Yes your content and products will automatically gets into recent contents section.

For Livestream Feature, how Katsu Point selects video ?

– If we are selecting, then it’s random. Might be featured any video of any channel from any country.

Katsu Point