• Site members creates contents, comments, share activity, submit products
  • For their activity in site, they earn points.
  • Depending upon points earned, they can feature their own content.
  • Respect users content (article/videos/products).
  • Read Blog Posts, rate it, share what you liked about post, give feedback to post creator, engage in community.
  • Watch videos, share your thoughts on it, give feedback, encourage content creators, engage in community.
  • Submit your products for sell (New or Second Hand)
  • Doing all this earns you certain profile points. Which can be used to feature your content in homepage and live stream section.

We are still learning. We are still trying.

Feedbacks are welcome. We will listen to it, and try to improve site always.

Disclaimer : Katsupoint is not a seller. This is member submission site. So before buying, make sure to verify all stuffs on your own.

Thank You.

Katsu Point.